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Non-power automatic roof ventilation fan is environmental-friendly natural ventilation equipment. The indoor & outdoor air pressure difference formed by pressure of rising outdoor breeze or indoor hot air realizes automatic swivel. It is widely applied for ventilation and air displacement in factory plant, flower greenhouse, poultry houses and all kinds of buildings.

The Benefits Of Using Turbine Ventilators:

Turbine Ventilators are extensively used in Textiles, Peper Mills, Food Industries, Buildings, Class Room, Stores, Warehouses, Boiler/Generator Room, Inside Temperature of all these Installations is Always 6-8 Deg C. Higher Then That of Ambient Temperature. Besides, There exist Floating Dust, Smoke, Fumes in the Air. Turbine Ventilators Replace all These Dust, Smoke, or Fumes with Outside Fresh Air Reducing Inside Temperature. Resulting Inside Air Gets  Temperature Close to Ambient and also Remains Free From Pollution of Dust, Smoke or Fumes. Thus Residents Feel Real Comfort & Get Refreshed by Healthy Cooler Environment. Turbine Ventilators Do Not Consume Any Power. It is Operated by Natural Wind of Even Very Lower Speed.


  • Turbine Ventilators are Made of Stainless Steel.
  • Curved Van With Very Accurate Angle are rigid roll Formed.
  • Advanced UBC Bearings from USA, Shaft & Bearing Assembly Fitted Inside Stainless Steel Casing.
  • Very Lesser Weight But Higher Durable.
  • Almost Maintenance Free.
  • Warranty is 03 Years.



The Turbine Ventilators Operated by Utilizing the Velocity of Energy of the Wind to Induce Air Flow by Centrifugal Action. The Centrifugal Force Caused by the Spinning Vanes Creates a Region of Low Pressure Area Which Draws Air out Through the Turbine. Air Down out by the Turbine is Continuously Replaced by Fresh Air From outside. The Slightest Breeze Will Cause the Turbine to Spin and Even After the Breeze has Stopped, the Fly Wheel Effect of the Rotor Cage Will Use its Stored Energy to Continuously Remove Air Giving rise to Ventilation. Suction is Maintained Even at Low Wind Velocities.